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Is Your Wall Pack Lighting Costing You A Fortune? Retrofit NOW With An

LED or Induction Lamp And SAVE Up To 85% In Energy Cost.

Our American Made LED Retrofits And New Wall Pack Induction Fixtures Last Up To 100,000 PLUS Hours And come with A 5 Year Warranty.

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Neu-Tech Energy Solutions is a Master Distributor of a Made in the USA Manufacturer of  microprocessor controlled LED products. We provide "off the shelf LED Retrofit Kits for all types of wall pack lights from 70W to 400W and many other applications listed. The great thing is they come with a 100,000 PLUS hour lifespan and 5 year warranty.

We also have a complete line of New Wall Packs with Induction lamps that also carry a 5 Year Warranty and last up to 100,000 hours. Induction wall packs are less expensive than the LED wall packs and provide up to 65% energy savings.

Retrofit With An LED or  NEW Induction Lamp

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LED Retrofit 70-400          New Induction 70-400W


We have two easy ways to retrofit an existing Wall Pack. Retrofit it using a new inexpensive Induction Wall pack including fixture. Last 100,000 hours and comes with a 5 year warranty. Or you can use our LED retrofit with a special yoke mount with easy screw in mogul adapter and replace the existing ballast with our LED driver. Either one only takes about 20 minutes to install.

This works for metal halide lights from 70w to 400w. Voltages available are 120-277V and 480V.  Our LED is American Made, UL Approved, Design Light Consortium Listed 5 year warranty, 100,000 hour lifespan


          rear parking 60w wpks

2 LED Units...8 Wattages Available

Model 4827: Select from 4 Wattages via a dip switch 30W, 40W, 50W and 60W

Model 4293: Select from 4 Wattages via a dip switch 80W, 90W,  100W and 134 High Output. Special 150 driver needed.


LED Retrofit Wall Pack Features

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Our LED wins in life rating, wattage savings, payback, CRI, and the ability to retrofit VS every competitor. Two things that cause LED's to degrade and have a short life is A:) Heat and B:) Sharing Voltage or Current. We manage the power to each individual LED to run at its sweet spot and have the best thermal management in the industry.

We also have a cooling magnetic levitation fan attached to each LED light for more thermal efficiency. Lifespan is all about cooling the LED. The competitors are degrading at 50,000 hours because of poor thermal management and sharing of current and not managing it properly. The ability to retrofit into almost any HID fixture from 70Watts to 1000 Watts. We can articulate our LED units and change optic lenses to put the light where the customer needs it.

Induction Wall Pack Features


1.Housing: High pressure die casting aluminum cover, light and firm structure, corrosion proof.

2.Reflector: High pure aluminum reflector, high light reflectivity, fade-proof in long term application.

3.Light transmission cover is made of pressing hard Borax glass; transmission rate is over 85%, good impact resistance and soft light refracted by the prism.

4.New type high temperature resistant silicon rubber ring.

5.Static spray surface treatment technology, good performance of high temperature and weather resistant.

6.Light source: Can match with Y40~ 100J rectangle type induction lamp with its excellent Color Rendering Index and light efficiency, long life span, no flicker and energy saving, wide range of color temperature and soft light ,stable light output

7.IP Class: IP65

Applications: Garden, park, landscape, office building, warehouses,  we can replace 99% of all wall packs.

If You Have Wall Packs You Probably Have

Shoebox Parking Lot Lights.

Recent Projects:

Retrofits Lights

 Flood Lights with optics to light up side of building.

Saving 78% in energy cost.

Parking Garage Lighting

 Parking Garage Lighting Guardco Unit From MH to LED

Parking Lots

Parking Lots Shoebox Lighting (church lot)

Decorative Street

Decorative Street Lighting (Small Town Kentucky) 

 Aviation High Bay Retrofit

Aviation High Bay Retrofit 186W Double LED Hi Bay Retrofit 

Outside Street Light

Cobra Head: Outside Street Light

High Mast Application

High Mast Application 50' High Bank ATM Application

Parking Garage Retrofit

Parking Garage Retrofit After Picture With LED Light 

Canopy LED Retrofit

Canopy LED Retrofit : LED Retrofit For Gas Station  

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